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Why is ResByWeb Free for two years?

What we focus on is to create a global Ecotourism Reservation Partal where the quest can visit and search for any known activity possible and making a booking. For instance, if you love walking trails, you can search for trails and make an informed decision on what is available nearby, or country wide. We want to acquire meaningful stock for this portal.


ResByWeb appears so Comprehensive and I only have a B&B with 5 rooms. Can I use ResByWeb?

ResByWeb is perfect for you too. ResByWeb is a practical product and you will find that everything in it is useful for your business.


Is ResByWeb available in every country?

Yes, it is, but the e-commerce side might not be.  Currently, the e-commerce is valid for South Africa, Africa, UK, and EU via PayGate and TSys in the USA. If you in another country, you can still use ResByWeb but have to choose the "Publish Model: Only Provisional Booking, which allows you to continue with deposits until we have your country covered for e-commerce.


Do I need the Internet to use ResByWeb?

Yes, you must be online all the time. We do not support the offline model as we have a zero tolerance for double reservations.


I am using ResByWeb Traditional Edition and want to upgrade to Ecotourism Edition? 

Just download the Eco Edition and install.  You do not need to do anything apart from installing and using the new features. No database changes, but you do need to verify your setup and configuration!


How does the 4% Transaction Fee Apply and work?

Every reservation you make, a 4% transaction fee is calculated and entered into a ResByWeb credit account as a credit. Once a month, ResByWeb issues a debit order and transfer the amount owing to our account.


I have a Private Reserve and a B&B on separate Properties. Which version must I use?

You can use the traditional version for your B&B and the Eco Edition for your Private Reserve. You can still get consolidated reports!


What happens to reservation cancellation and credits?

Because this is a full accounting system, all debits are also entered into the ResByWeb account and our transaction amount is reduced accordingly.


Do I need help in setting up ResByWeb?

Depending on the skills in your organization, you might need help in setting up ResByWeb. We will gladly do this for you at a cost. Contact our support and give us an idea of the size of your organization, what information is readily available and we will give you a quote.


Am I allegible for minor and major upgrades?

Yes, these are for free and will be automatically applied as and when it becomes available.