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Partnership opportunities


Send an email to to inquire about opportunities.

ResByWeb International believes in partnerships and has already formed some strategic partnerships. We are interested in acquiring partners in other countries, in particular for government tenders and large tourism organizations.

Here are our strategic partners who allow us to offer you a complete solution of the highest quality: total infrastructure, licences, software and cloud hosting:



EOH is a large IT Service Provider with thousands of staff an more than $1 billion turnover who deliver any solution our customers require. See financial report.


AI Software Services (

AiS is a subsidiary of ResByweb International and appointed for South Africa and Africa region and will market and support ResByWeb for the Africa continent.


U-RAD Technologies (Pty) Ltd (

Is the technical support-arm for ResByWeb International and has 25 years C++ programming experience and expertise. 


PayGate (

Is our e-commerce partner and a Switching House and will give you most competent service possible.